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The Power of Passion and Perseverance

[Angela Duckworth: Grit]

Angela Duckworth: Grit

In Angela Duckworth's view, the adage that only practice makes perfect is not only true; it is inexorable. Indeed, the secret to achievement is not talent or genius, says Duckworth, but pure persistence, what she calls "grit." Through interviews with some of the world's highest achievers to historical anecdotes to insights gleaned from modern experiments in peak performance, Duckworth reveals that the ability to persevere is perhaps the greatest talent of all. ... mehr

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A "how-to" guide to boosting sales through predictive and prescriptive analytics

[Jenny Dearborn: Data Driven: How Performance Analytics Delivers Extraordinary Sales Results]

Jenny Dearborn: Data Driven

Data Driven is a uniquely practical guide to increasing sales success, using the power of data analytics. Written by one of the world's leading authorities on the topic, this book shows you how to transform the corporate sales function by leveraging big data into better decision-making, more informed strategy, and increased effectiveness throughout the organization. Engaging and informative, this book tells the story of a newly hired sales chief under intense pressure to deliver higher performance from her team, and how data analytics becomes the ultimate driver behind the sales function turnaround. ,,, mehr

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How to Stop Managing Start Leading and Drive Bigger Impact

[Sarah Singer-Nourie: Tap Into Greatness: How to Stop Managing Start Leading and Drive Bigger Impact]

Sarah Singer-Nourie: Tap Into Greatness

At some point, every single one of us has reached a point of frustration. A situation where we knew that we were having impact that was far less than what we were capable of. Large organizations are filled with smart people who have great ideas. Unfortunately, most of these people find themselves stymied in their ability to bring people to their full potential and ideas to fruition. It doesn t have to be that way. ... mehr

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The 4 Key Stages to Entrepreneurial Success

[Bobby Martin: The Hockey Stick Principles]

Bobby Martin: The Hockey Stick Principles

Many business books fuel unrealistic notions about what a good idea looks like, how fast a founder should attract investment, and how quickly growth will take off. The problem with this mythology is that it can sometimes end with entrepreneurs abandoning their dreams too soon if they don't see immediate results. In "The Hockey Stick Principles, "author Bobby Martin shifts his focus away from all the hype about rapid growth and the pursuit of funding and instead takes a look at the real process behind getting a good idea off the ground. ... mehr

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An Entrepreneur's Vision of the Future

[Steve Case: The Third Wave]

Steve Case: The Third Wave

There's little doubt technology has transformed the world. But where exactly it's going from here is up for debate. There are few people more equipped to answer that question than one of the world's foremost entrepreneurs, Steve Case, co-founder of AOL. In The Third Wave, Case explains how and what technology will impact next, and more importantly for readers, the skills one needs to succeed in this third wave. ... mehr

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The Story of Globalization Through Ten Extraordinary Lives

[Jeffrey E. Garten: From Silk to Silicon: The Story of Globalization Through Ten Extraordinary Lives]

Jeffrey E. Garten: From Silk to Silicon

Globalization may be a uniquely modern term, but it's been brewing for centuries. Through the stories of ten disparate, sometimes obscure figures in history - from Genghis Khan and Margaret Thatcher to Cyrus Field and Andy Grove - author Jeffrey Garten traces the roots of a world that once seemed as vast as the cosmos but is now as close and connected as any small community. From Silk to Silicon is the story of transcendent change and the lessons civilization's pioneers provide when they dared look to the horizon and beyond. ... mehr

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