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The Lenovo Way to Profitability and Growth

[Gina Qiao, Yolanda Conyers: The Lenovo Way: Managing a Diverse Global Company for Optimal Performance]

Gina Qiao, Yolanda Conyers: The Lenovo Way: Managing a Diverse Global Company for Optimal Performance

A powerful book that shows the step-by-step evolution of a new kind of global technology powerhouse, "The Lenovo Way" is indispensable reading for leaders and managers who deal with strategy, innovation, branding, and HR at any kind of company. It also tells the remarkable story of how two women from very different backgrounds rose to become leaders in Lenovo's journey to the top.

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How to Capture the Biggest Business Opportunity in a Century

[Stefan Heck, Matt Rogers: Resource Revolution: How to Capture the Biggest Business Opportunity in a Century]

Stefan Heck, Matt Rogers: Resource Revolution

What do shale gas, Elon Musk's Tesla, and the global apparel chain Zara share in common? In "Resource Revolution", management experts Stefan Heck and Matt Rogers describe how each in its own way exemplifies a resource revolution - a use of natural resources so effective it defies conventional wisdom and enables breakthrough performance where others see only limits and shortcomings.

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The Authors of Freakonomics Offer to Retrain Your Brain

[Steven D. Levitt, Stephen J. Dubner: Think Like a Freak]

Steven D. Levitt, Stephen J. Dubner: Think Like a Freak

Steven Levitt and Stephen Dubner showed the world that applying counter-intuitive approaches to everyday problems can bear surprising results. THINK LIKE A FREAK will take readers further inside this special thought process, revealing a new way of approaching the decisions we make, the plans we create, and the morals we choose. It answers the question on the lips of everyone who's read the previous books: How can I truly think like a freak? With short, highly entertaining insights, THINK LIKE A FREAK is poised to radically alter the way we think about all aspects of life on this planet. ... mehr

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Brilliance Is A Decision

[Simon T. Bailey: Shift Your Brilliance: Harness the Power of You, Inc.]

Simon T. Bailey: Shift Your Brilliance: Harness the Power of You, Inc.

It's Time to Disrupt Your Current Reality and... experience Your Shift Into Brilliance. This book is your roadmap, your call to action; your opportunity to create accelerated results professionally, personally and financially. It is time for you to turn every day into a brilliant breakthrough. Shift Your Brilliance will teach you: Strategies for sharpening your focus. Steps to clear your vision Actions to harness individual and organizational potential. Tools to unearth what really sets you on fire. Tips on how to become a Chief Breakthrough Officer Its now time for you to Shift Your Brilliance!

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Giving is the most fulfilling and effective path to success

[Bob Burg, John David Mann: Go-Givers Sell More]

Bob Burg, John David Mann: Go-Givers Sell More

'The Go-Giver' took the business world by storm with its message that giving is the simplest, most fulfilling and most effective path to success. This title tells how the story's lessons stand up to the tough challenges of everyday, real-world business.

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The Groundbreaking New Strengths Assessment from the Leader of the Strengths Revolution

[Marcus Buckingham: StandOut: The Groundbreaking New Strengths Assessment from the Leader of the Strengths Revolution]

Marcus Buckingham: StandOut

"StandOut," the revolutionary new book and online assessment tool from Marcus Buckingham, is the result of extensive research, statistical testing, and analysis of the world's top performers. From the coauthor of "Now", "Discover Your Strengths" and the recognized leader of the strengths movement, "StandOut" unveils your top two Strength Roles and offers sharp, practical ideas that professionals and managers in any organization can use to find their edge and win at work.

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How the Digital Lives of People, Things, and Organizations Are Changing the Rules of Business

[Malcom Frank: Code Halos]

Malcom Frank: Code Halos

Harness "Code Halos" to gain competitive advantage in the digital era. Amazon beating Borders, Netflix beating Blockbuster, Apple beating Kodak, and the rise of companies like Google, LinkedIn, and Pandora are not isolated or random events. Today's outliers in revenue growth and value creation are winning with a new set of rules. They are dominating by managing the information that surrounds people, organizations, processes, and products - what authors Malcolm Frank, Paul Roehrig, and Ben Pring call Code Halos. This is far beyond "Big Data" and analytics.

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